Posted 11:03 Tue 21st Oct 2014
Third year modules, pharmacology and neuro will take place over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd November.
We have booked Ken Edwards LT1 between 1pm and 5pm on both days.
The lectures themselves should take under 2 hrs each, so a facebook event will be made closer to the date to confirm lecturers and exact times.

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Posted by: Caitlin McGuire (Leicester University Students' Union Medical Association Welfare Representative)
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Posted 5:14 Fri 1st Aug 2014
specialist Registrar led teaching session
Starts 18:00 Fri 24th Oct 2014
Ends 20:00 Fri 24th Oct 2014
Hosted By Leicester Student Physician Society
The Exam Essentials Series is BACK!
This year all Lectures will be on Friday 6-8pm
**Specialist Registrar Led teaching on ALL of your ju

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Posted by: Zeeshan Afzal (Leicester Student Physician Society President)
Posted 21:25 Tue 30th Sep 2014
LMSRS Revision Lecture
Starts 18:00 Mon 27th Oct 2014
Ends 21:00 Mon 27th Oct 2014
Hosted By Leicester Medical Students Revision Society
Revision Lecture for 1st years
Sessions 1-4


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Posted by: Iza Akhtar (Leicester Medical Students Revision Society Secretary)
Posted 9:19 Thu 2nd Oct 2014
MMF Semester 3 Revision Session
Starts 18:00 Mon 27th Oct 2014
Ends 21:00 Mon 27th Oct 2014
Hosted By Muslim Medics Forum
MMF are hosting a revision session for second years covering sessions 1-4 of Respiratory and Urinary!!

Please arrive a few minutes early to sign

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Posted by: Fatema Jaffar (Muslim Medics Forum Publicity Officer)
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