Posted 13:06 Sat 5th Sep 2015
On behalf of LUMRS:
LUMRS is hosting an "Academic Foundation Programme" event on Monday 14th September 2015 at 6.30pm, Ken Edwards Building [lecture theatre tbc].

We have 4 academic foundation programme (AFP) trainees who are training in each of the 3 different parts of the AFP - clinical research, medi

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Posted by: Tom Sun (Leicester University Students' Union Medical Association Webmaster)
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Posted 13:46 Sat 29th Aug 2015
Paediatrics- Exam Essential Series
Starts 18:30 Fri 19th Feb 2016
Ends 20:00 Fri 19th Feb 2016
Hosted By Leicester Student Physician Society
Paediatrics by Dr Neeta Lakhani (SpR)...[read more]
Posted by: Moossa Bawamia (Leicester Student Physician Society President)
Posted 17:27 Sun 3rd Jan 2016
LMSRS Small Group Revision Session for 1st Years
Starts 18:00 Tue 23rd Feb 2016
Ends 21:00 Tue 23rd Feb 2016
Hosted By Leicester Medical Students Revision Society
Small Group Revision Session for 1st Year...[read more]
Posted by: Namita Anand (Leicester Medical Students Revision Society Vice President)
Posted 22:42 Tue 26th Jan 2016
MMF Semester 2 Revision Session
Venue TBC
Starts 18:00 Wed 24th Feb 2016
Ends 21:00 Wed 24th Feb 2016
Hosted By Muslim Medics Forum
MMF will be teaching Sessions 1-4 of Semester 2 modules:
- Cardiovascular System
- Musculoskeletal System
This event is for 1st Years.

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Posted by: Mohannad Irshad (Muslim Medics Forum 4th Year Co Lead Webmaster)
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